This week at Moyee Coffee

We like to visit like-minded entrepreneurs. We already dropped by Dopper and Seepje and just a little while ago we met Moyee coffee. Obviously the first thing we did was drink a radically great cup of coffee. The way our coffee was set was already impressive: with a filter, a beautiful glass jar and water at just the right temperature because, as we learned boiling water at 100 degrees is a definite No-No – that actually burns your coffee!

Like Yoni, Moyee is a social enterprise. In other words, besides setting up a financially healthy business providing great coffee, Moyee also sets out to revolutionize the industry. Their conclusion and motivation behind their business is that Fairtrade coffee isn’t good enough. They aim to provide what they call Fairchain coffee. So instead of buying the coffee beans from countries like Ethopia (Moyee coffee is from Ethiopia) and roasting is here, they buy, roast and pack the coffee in Ethopia ensuring that a radically larger part of the value of the coffee remains in Ethiopia. Check out their own explanation in this short snappy video: Revolution In A Cup ‘Short’ from Moyee Coffee on Vimeo.

We love Moyee’s mission and also love how they’ve found cheeky and challenging visuals to communicate it. What do you think?!