Past of Periods

People for Periods‘ is a website that educates and breaks down walls when it comes to menstruation, the taboos around it, periods in general and other blood and egg related topics. Or, another way to put it: People for Periods advocate for healthy, happy, shame-free periods. Something we totally embrace.

In chapter ‘the Past, the Present, Period’ we’re taken through the history of menstruation and which factors have contributed to the silence surrounding periods and more important: how this lack of discussion and understanding directly impacts the health and quality of life for menstruating people.

Besides striving for shame-free periods this website also shares some nice and intriguing menstruation related facts.

For example: did you know that back in the days peasant women mixed menstrual blood with grain and seeds to use as fertilizer? Or that Dr. Earle Haas patented the first modern tampon in 1931? This tampon was made of cotton with a cardboard tube applicator. He eventually sold the patent for $32K to Gertrude Tenderich, who started Tampax.

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