Meet Ilse

This month Ilse joined our team as COO, Chief Operating Officer. Ilse is all about providing the focus needed to turn our dreams into daily business. She’s an expert in scaling up businesses and passionate when it comes to social enterprises. We’re very happy to finally introduce her, so let’s meet Ilse!

Dopper and just do it  

For the past three years Ilse worked for Dopper, a sustainable Dutch water-bottle brand. Her latest position was as Managing Director. Ilse helped make this ambitious social enterprise into a very successful one. At Yoni we’re a big fan of Dopper – of course we all have one – and as a younger social enterprise Dopper has been a constant source of inspiration. We are excited by Ilse’s wealth of knowledge, her drive and entrepreneur spirit to take Yoni to the next level.

Paris, pussy’s and photoshoots

Before Ilse’s career at Dopper here in the Netherlands, she traveled the world, working from London, Hongkong, Florence and Paris. For 11 years Ilse was based in this last city, the city of love. Oui oui, Ilse speaks French and loves good food and wine.

She’s out to make a positive impact on the world, she’s a feminist and animal lover (with exception to spiders). There’s no doubt Yoni and Ilse are a match made in heaven.

It took some persuasion, photoshoots are not her thing. But, here she goes. Meet Ilse:


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