7 must have organic undie options

We’re curious what you’re wearing between your legs. This time we want to focus on underwear options specifically.  What style and which brands do you love?  Do you wear cotton only, synthetic panties or do you go organic? This week Christel went on a mission and lined up her top 7 eco-friendly underwear brands. Let us know if you have any additions.

Christel’s top 7

My favorite underwear is generally cotton. I like the feel and at a young age my doctor made it pretty clear that switching from synthetic underwear to cotton can make a difference in terms of avoiding vaginal irritation. Now I want to go as sustainable as possible so I’ve dived into the options ranging from cotton to banana fibers – from basic to chic. Some of them are a bit pricy, but all ethical and aesthetically highly pleasing.

1. la fille d’O (header pic via la fille d’O )
This lingerie brand not only offers high quality organic underwear but also is all about empowering women. We love it (and are saving up).


2. Underprotection
This Danish brand is living proof you that eco-underwear isn’t less fashionable. They use interesting sustainable materials like banana as well as milk fibers next to organic cotton.


3. Woronstore
Again an awesome eco Scandinavian brand. We love their minimal yet feminine (and vegan!) underwear and yogawear, all made with Modal.


4. Klijs en Boon
This shop in Utrecht started years ago with the best eco-lingerie, and now also offers you beautiful feminine organic clothes and accessories.

5. Clare Bare
All the way from Los Angeles: lingerie that makes you feel feminine. Yay they do international orders!


Find yourself eco-conscious lingerie, activewear and swimwear. Elegant and ethical. Made to empower and help women around the world. We’re big fan of the Nude for All campaign last year.

nude for all

7. Thinx
We couldn’t stop thinking about Thinx, while writing this blog. They are make period-proof organic panties…What?! Yes, panties that are made to absorb up to 2+ tampons worth of menstrual blood. Maybe worth a try?


What’s between your legs?

We couldn’t mention all sustainable underwear options but tried to mention some of the highlights. Let us know if we missed you favourite via christel@yoni.care.

Where to buy eco-underwear? 

Most of the above mentioned brands can be shopped online but also worthwhile stopping by the la Fille D’O in Antwerpen and Gent (Belgium) or Klijs & Boon in Utrecht (Netherlands).