Toilet and Tampon Art

You’re most likely to find us in the toilet. But (unfortunately) the toilet isn’t the place you wanna hang around most of your time. Toilets are too boring, small or even worse – dirty. We believe it’s time for a change. It’s time to clean up and take a creative twist to all toilets. Last week we scouted out one of the most awesome toilets in Amsterdam. We’d love to hear any other recommendations you may have up your sleeve.

“Give a fashion photographer, art director and stylist the option to restyle a toilet. This awesome bar in Amsterdam – in the middle of the booming Baarsjes – took the risk…”

Last week Bar Baarsch unveiled their toilet art with a toilet party, which included crazy toilet ladies, beautiful taboo-breaking photography and lots of color. We were curious and couldn’t wait to put our Yoni’s where they belong. Fashion photographer Tom ten Seldam, together with art-director Daphne Weersink and stylist Femke Hofhuis were responsible for this makeover and changed everything toilet related into art.

Toilet Art

We love it. And no, we weren’t the sponsor but we are a huge fan. Curious about this toilet takeover? Go visit Bar Baarsch. Their creative toilets are permanent, but we would definitely advise to pay a visit sooner rather than later ;-).

What’s your favo toilet of all times? Ever wanted to do a toilet takeover yourself? Or want to know more about this particular project? Please get in touch with me via e-mail: