Girls, girls, girls: we’re growing!

Newsflash: these girls have joined the Yoni team: meet Zaza (L), Perla (M), Laura (R) and Coco. Read on for a little more inside information about these lovely Yoni girls.


Zaza started her Marketing Traineeship with us this month and is super excited to focus on making our challenging mission known to everyone in the Netherlands as well as across borders. How? Project: Toilet Take-over. She’ll keep you posted via twitter. Follow to stay updated 😉

Zaza’s super favs: Saoto soup, or really any kind of soup. Popcorn, sweet and salty mixed together. Oh and waking up before dawn, getting out to the park for sunrise.

Next to Yoni, Zaza fills her days as the Dutch copywriter for Wonderbly, a start-up based in London making personalised children’s books. But since you’re really never done learning and developing your skills and self, this Traineeship at Yoni is the perfect opportunity for her <3

Her tips?

“Corn crackers topped with a 7-minute cooked egg and avocado. Yumm!!! And the book ‘The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck’. A true game changer! And when in Amsterdam.. Go to the Flevopark and have house brewed Dutch gins. In the middle of the park. Quite idyllic”

Meet…. PERLA!

Perla started this month as our Visual Content Researcher. She’s in her last year at Artemis where she is studying Allround Styling. That’s why she’ll be focussing on further investigating our visual identity and how we can communicate our message in other creative ways. Any ideas you want to share with Perla? Send a message to

Being in your last year sounds pretty busy already? But not for superstar Perla: she is rocking the boat as jewellery designer for her own brand Eenvoud by Perla. This is just the start, Perla is hoping to run her own, flourishing jewellery business in the future.

Perla’s favs? Toast with butter and ‘hagelslag’. And cuddling with dogs 🙂

Her tiptop tips for you:

“When in Paris don’t miss the Puce Flea market Porte de Montreuil: when you get out off the subway you might first question why I’ve sent you to the black market, but I promise, walk on, and you’ll find yourself in an amazing neighbourhood with lovely antique boutiques, with the perfect mix of design and thrift stores. Suuuuuper French. And please – watch the movie “Men and Chicken” – the most bizarre and hilarious one I’ve seen yet.”


As allround creative intern Laura will be focussing on improving our look and feel on social media. She’ll be helping us to execute all our crazy creative ideas. Laura is all about creating a solid brand identity and can’t wait to make lots of on point Yoni content.

With a background in media and styling, but looking to develop her creative skills even more, Laura can’t wait to start making videos, photo’s and everything else creative.

Laura’s favs? She loves making photo’s and admiring those of others, finding treasures at flea-markets, going for trips, to museums and playing volleyball with her girlfriends.

“And you can wake me up any time for literally everything my grandmother makes but her famous pastapudding (I know this doesn’t sound super charming) is the true number one of all times.”

Her guilty pleasures (other than the pasta pudding): biking through Amsterdam on garbage night searching for discarded furniture treasures. And her golden tip: visit Morocco for the light, people, nature, and culture. Magic, really!

And a little cuddly gift… COCO

Last but not least. Coco! Coco is our new little office fluff. She even has her own Instagram. So when in Amsterdam, make sure to visit us, even if it’s only for a cuddle with Coco.

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