Yovember: Yoni supports Movember

It’s Movember again: the month many men grow mustache. Ever wondered why? Underlying these cool mustache is a story worth telling, one Yoni recognizes. It’s a story we’d love to tell you.

The birth of Movember

It all started late one Sunday afternoon and involved three moustache-less men and a few beers. While discussing the wonders of life they stumbled across the wonder of the moustache, and why it had not (yet) made a fashionable comeback.

They decided the time had come to bring the moustache back into their lives, and constructed a 30-day challenge in which they would rock a moustache for the thirty days of November.

During those days one of the three men, Adam Garone, experienced the moustache to be an attention grabber, and a good conversation starter.

A little while later Garone started reading more about men’s health and in particular about prostate- and testicular cancer. He found out there was a lack of conversation about this subject, and men’s health issues in general.

Garone saw the opportunity to combine the two: the lack of conversation around men’s health issues with the growth of a moustache i.e. a conversation starter. Since then, the moustache-challenge is a fundraiser for the organization.

The focus

Movember focuses on three specific themes in men’s health. First of all, prostate cancer, which is the second most frequent type of cancer among men.

Secondly, testicular cancer, of which the support and treatment really can be improved.

The third theme that Movember is committed to is mental health problems. Worldwide, one man per minute dies as a result of suicide. Movember is committed to preventing this.

The outcome

Movember strives to make a global contribution to the lives of men, helping them live happier, healthier, longer lives.

They aim to involve men more in their own health and create awareness for things that could endanger men’s health.

They do so by making problems visible, opening up the discussion, and by contributing to improving men’s health.

Mo Bros and Mo Sistas

Anyone who participates in Movember in a way is called a Mo Bro (men) or a Mo Sista (women). Every participant is an ambassador in this way, and in their own way.

How do you become a Mo Bro or Mo Sista? That can be done in different ways. Men can grow their mustache, but as a woman you can also contribute by making a move or organizing an event to raise money for Movember.

It’s very important that men’s health is given more attention. Yoni supports Movember. How about you?

Spread the word & make men’s health a topic of discussion.


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