Rethinking Periods: Anna

This series of stories is about the experiences of those who have switched from conventional period products to Yoni’s organic cotton period care. Why did they switch and how has their experience been?

Today we’re talking to Anna, who started using Yoni products 6 months ago. This is what she has to say:

Why did you start using Yoni organic cotton period care?

I saw packages of Yoni pads in a friends bathroom and I thought they looked cute so I asked her what they were and then she told me about all the harmful chemicals there are in regular pads and tampons and that that’s why she uses Yoni. Well needless to say, that was enough to convince me to try Yoni.

Is there a difference in how you experience your period since you started using Yoni?

Yes!!! I used to think that itchiness and burning around my vagina was just part of having my period. Turns out it had nothing to do with it, but it was caused by the pads I was using which had a ton of plastic in them. Organic cotton has been a game changer! Since I started using Yoni pads I haven’t felt that warm, sweaty feeling between my legs that I used to get from pads with plastic in them and there’s no more itchiness and burning. Also I have a lot more peace of mind knowing that I’m not polluting my body with harmful substances. The cute packaging is a plus!

Which Yoni products do you prefer?

I use the medium pads on most days of my period, but I’ll use the long pantyliners on lights days and tampons when I go swimming. I love having the boxes displayed on the shelf in my bathroom, because they look so nice. I used to hide my packages of pads away, but this minimalist aesthetic is really fits my bathroom.

We like to share stories about periods as we think it’s still an under discussed topic. Is there a period story you would like to share?

Definitely! My favourite period story is this one night that I was at a club. I was having such a good time dancing with my friends and I suddenly felt that annoying feeling that told me I suddenly (unexpectedly) had gotten my period. I usually am so well prepared and I always have a bag with me with tampons and pads. But when I go to the club I try and take as little with me as possible: just my phone and wallet. But luckily there was a tampon dispenser in the bathroom at the club. When I went in there was another girl standing by the dispenser looking distressed. She told me it wasn’t working. The tampon wasn’t coming out. We instantly bonded over this shared horrific situation and tried to come up with solutions…were we going to put toilet paper in our underwear? Were we going to go home to get a tampon? Were we going to ask the bartender to fix the tampon machine? None of these options seemed great. Then someone came into the bathroom and overheard our conversation and she said “do you need tampons? I have tampons!” We were saved! I just love how much this sort of situation creates a bond and a feeling of sisterhood. I’m so glad that women are so willing to help each other out. We’ve all been there after all!

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