Rethinking Periods: Edyta

This series of stories is about the experiences of those who have switched from conventional period products to Yoni’s organic cotton period care. Why did they switch and how has their experience been?

For the first edition of Rethinking Periods we interviewed Edyta, who is a beautician that uses holistic methods and natural products to treat skin at her practice: House of Green Beauty.

Why did you start using Yoni organic cotton period care?

I was looking for ways to live more sustainably and create less waste so I started using a menstrual cup. This was a good choice for the environment but it didn’t work for me. Unfortunately, it would leak and it didn’t provide enough protection. So I switched back to conventional (non-organic) tampons. In the mean time, I started my beautician practice for holistic skin care and I knew all about the junk and chemicals that are in skin care products. I make sure not to use any products with dyes, perfumes or other chemicals. Then I found out about all the junk that’s in conventional period products: bleach, plastic, synthetics…From my work I knew that all this can have an influence on your hormone balance and I knew I needed to use something else. So I started using Yoni tampons. I heard about Yoni through Instagram. I liked their images and vision. I was happy to use organic cotton tampons that didn’t contain any chemicals and that were also a good option for the environment because they are biodegradable.

Is there a difference in how you experience your period since you started using Yoni?

I wouldn’t say there’s a huge difference in how I experience my menstruation physically. I do seem to have less candida (yeast infections), but in general conventional non-organic tampons worked well for me. I never experienced leakage. The same goes for Yoni tampons. They do the job! The biggest difference is the feeling I have when I throw them away. When I was using conventional tampons and I threw them in the bin, I would always think: Here we go again…more plastic waste added to the world. I’m glad to have a more sustainable option for my tampons.

Which Yoni products do you prefer?

I use the light, medium and heavy tampons depending on where I am in my menstruation. I also use the pantyliners for the first lighter days of my period.

We like to share stories about periods as we think it’s still an under discussed topic. Is there a period story you would like to share?

My experience of getting my first period! The first time was in the summer before 5th grade. My mother gave me a pad to use, because that’s what she used. Tampons were not an option that I was given until later. I went shopping with friends and I felt so paranoid about whether I would leak through my pad. Looking back it’s funny to me how cautious and stressed I was, whereas now I’m very nonchalant and I often wait to put in a tampon thinking it will be alright and sometimes I’m too late! At least I’m not so stressed about it anymore.

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