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What are the benefits of organic cotton incontinence material?

Cotton is soft and breathable which decreases the chance of irritation around your vulva and vagina. Many incontinence material brands …

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Can you use menstrual pads/sanitary pads for urine loss?

For the best protection against urine loss, it’s best to use incontinence material and not menstrual pads or liners. Menstrual …

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When should you go to the doctor about urine loss?

If you don’t know the cause or treatment of the urine loss you’re experiencing, it’s important to see your doctor. …

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What’s the difference between menstrual pads and incontinence material?

Incontinence material is made specifically to absorb urine which is thinner and comes out in larger quantities than menstrual blood. …

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Which incontinence material do I need (how many drops)?

There is incontinence material for different amounts of urine loss. This is indicated by the number of drops on the …

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