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it's organic.

Yoni tampons, pads and liners are made from organic cotton. This makes them soft, breathable and biodegradable, all while providing full protection.

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A better choice all round

  • Good for you

    Know what you're putting between your legs

    Unlike other care products such as facial creams and deodorants, most tampons, pads and panty liners don't list their ingredients on the packaging. We think that's strange. So we list what's in the box on the box. 

  • Good for the planet

    Reduce your monthly plastic consumption

    Most pads are made from 90% plastic materials and tampons often have plastic coverings and overlay. By choosing Yoni, you are reducing your plastic footprint.

  • Good for others

    Support pesticide free farming

    By choosing organic cotton, you're helping cotton farmers to farm in a more sustainable way and to live a pesticide free, healthier life. 

We use nothing but 100% certified organic cotton

Our tampons, pads and liners offer women the same comfort as other products but are made exclusively of 100% certified organic cotton.

Everything we make is certified by the SOIL Association which means that the raw cotton fibres meet organic farming standards*. It also means that the cotton is processed in an eco-friendly way through a sustainable supply chain that ensures safe working conditions and fair pay.

The individual wrappings and backings for our pads and liners are made from biodegradable plastic making it breathable and better for the environment.

We’re working towards making all Yoni products completely biodegradable so as to minimise their impact on the environment and we always list our ingredients on our packaging.

What’s in the box is on the box.

GOTS         soil accociation

* according to Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

Yoni pads medium and panty liners

Give your vagina some love

Yoni tampons, pads and liners are made from organic cotton so you are a 100% naturally protected.

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  • Yoni-pads-heavy

    Pads heavy

    10 organic cotton pads with wings

    Our organic cotton pads have a backing made from bioplastic. The fact that they’re biodegradable make them extremely breathable. Our pads have wings and are individually wrapped in bioplastic for on the go.


FAQ about Yoni products

Do Yoni products protect just as well as mainstream brands?

Yes! Organic cotton is not only better for your body and the planet, but it’s also highly absorbent and will …

How do I know what size Yoni product I need? In other words, how can I compare absorption with the products I use now?

On all of Yoni product packaging you will find a number of droplets. These droplets stand for the absorbency of …

Where are Yoni products made?

Yoni tampons are made in Germany and Yoni pads and pantyliners are made in Italy.

Where is the organic cotton produced?

Where our organic cotton is sourced differs per batch of tampons and pads. We can trace the source via the …

Are Yoni tampons biodegradable?

Yes, Yoni tampons are biodegradable. You can throw them on the compost heap because they are made from 100% organic …

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