Stay High & Dry

Yoni incontinence material provides natural protection for light urine loss, keeps you fresh and prevents skin irritation.

Don't panic it's organic

Yoni pads and liners for urine loss are made from 100% certified organic cotton. Our pads and pantyliners provide natural protection for light urine loss, keep you fresh and prevent skin irritation.

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  • Pads for urine loss: Mini

    12 mini pads organic cotton

    Yoni pads for urine loss: Mini for incontinence are made from 100% organic cotton. They provide natural protection for light urine loss, keep you fresh and prevent skin irritation.  

    • 100% certified organic cotton 
    • No plastic, no chemicals, no irritation 
    • Organic odour control (based on organic castor oil  certified by the Soil Association)  
    • Soft on skin, comfortable & breathable 


About our products for urine loss

  • 100% chemical free protection

    Yoni liners and pads for light urine loss are free from plastic and chemicals. Just organic cotton so you are 100% naturally protected. They keep you fresh and prevent skin irritations. 

  • Not all cotton is created equal

    Conventional cotton is the most pesticide heavy crop in the world. That’s why we choose organic cotton. Which is grown without the use of harmful pesticides, it feels softer, it breaths, it doesn’t cause irritation and it’s biodegradable. We never use SAP (Super absorbent polymers) in our products. Better for you, better for the planet.

  • Organic Odour control  

    Your vagina is highly absorbent, that’s why we choose organic odour control instead of synthetic perfumes that you find in most other incontinence products. Our odour control is made from castor tree oil derived from the castor tree plant. Certified by the Soil Association. It absorbs and contains any unwanted smells

  • What’s in the box, is on the box

    We believe it’s important for you to know what your most intimate products are made of. This sounds normal, but not many companies disclose their ingredients. That’s why we list all of our ingredients on the package. 

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