Help! My cup is stuck!

No worries! Your vagina ends where your cervix is, so there’s no way it can get past that and get lost. If you feel like your cup is stuck, chances are it has still drawn a vacuum. It is important that you do not pull the stem, as this will increase the vacuum. This stem is really just there to help locate the bottom of the cup.

If the cup is stuck it is therefore necessary to break the vacuum. If you can’t break the vacuum by squeezing the base (the rippled part above the stem), you can try gently running your fingers along the rim of the cup. If you can then create an opening, the vacuum is broken, and you can take it out by gently pulling the base of the cup.

It helps to relax while breaking the vacuum. Try not to worry too much and take a deep breath. When you have managed to break the vacuum, it can help to tighten your pelvic floor muscles. The cup is then a bit easier to take out.

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How do I clean my cup?

After removing the cup, you can empty it into the toilet and clean it with some water, or wipe it …

How do I remove my cup?

Always wash your hands thoroughly before removing the cup. Get into a comfortable position (standing, sitting, or squatting) and relax. …

The stem of my cup sticks out, what can I do with it?

If the stem of your cup is sticking out, we recommend that you first check whether the cup is inserted …

What is the stem on the bottom of the cup for?

The stem of the cup is there to make it easier to identify where the bottom of the cup is. …

My cup is leaking

If you do leak even though you are wearing, this could be due to various causes.

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