How do I insert the menstrual cup?

Always wash your hands thoroughly before inserting the cup. 

First of all, moistening the cup makes insertion easier. There are several ways to fold your cup. You can simply press it flat or fold it in half. You can also fold an edge inwards, so that some kind of arrow is created. There are many more ways, so just try some out! This way you’ll soon know what works best for you.  

We will explain one way in detail. This is the most recommended folding technique, where you simply fold it in half. Steps 1, 2 and 4 are the same no matter which fold you use. 

  1. Before insertion, check whether the 4 vent holes are free. If these are not free, no vacuum can be createdso that it will not stay in place. 
  1. Assume a comfortable positionsuch as standing, squatting or sitting on the toilet. 
  1. Squeeze the sides of the cup to bring them togetherthen fold the cup in half to form a “U”. 
  1. Use your free hand and gently push your labia apart. Then insert the folded cup into your vagina and let go. The cup will then unfold itself. 

It‘s important that your cup creates a vacuum after insertion, as only then it unfolds completely. You can turn your cup a little if you suspect that it has not unfolded properly. A well-fitting cup, which is properly inserted, is uncomfortable and does not leak. 

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