How do you prevent a vaginal yeast infection?

  • One of the causes of a vaginal yeast infections is irritation cause by substances in synthetic tampons and pads. Use menstrual products made of organic cotton like Yoni products!
  • Drink more water, eat less sugar. Sugar disrupts the natural balance of bacteria in your vagina, and can lead to a fungal infection
  •  Eat foods with probiotics. This restores disruptions in you intestinal flora which is in  connection to your vagina. Yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut and kimchi contain probiotics.
  • Only wash your vulva with lukewarm water. Your vagina cleans itself and doesn’t need soap
  • Do not use vaginal douches, vaginal deodorants or perfume products in and around your vagina. This increases the chance of bacterial vaginosis and fungal infections. Luckily your vagina is not dirty and keeps itself clean. Perfumes irritate it and can cause infections.
  • For more tips have a look here.

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