Is the cup safe?

Yes! The Yoni cup is FDA registered, which means that the Food and Drug Administration has examined our processes and found them to be safe and effective. How does this help you with your period? It guarantees that the Yoni Cup is 100% free from plastic, latex and BPA. No mysterious ingredients.

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What is the difference between medical grade silicone and silicone?

Medical grade silicone is specially made so that it can safely stay in the body for a longer period of …

What are phthalates?

Phthalates are chemicals that are often found in plastics. They are so-called plasticizers that ensure that plastic is flexible and …

How does the Yoni cup differ from other menstrual cups?

The Yoni cup has a shorter stem to prevent users from pulling it when removing it, without breaking the vacuum …

Is the Yoni cup vegan?

Yes, our cup is made without animal products and has not been tested on animals.

How much waste do I save when I use a menstrual cup?

According to our calculations, one Yoni cup, which has been used for 10 years, replaces at least 2,400 tampons.

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