Which incontinence material do I need (how many drops)?

There is incontinence material for different amounts of urine loss. This is indicated by the number of drops on the package. For light urine loss caused for example, by stress incontinence or urge incontinence, a product with 1 to 4 drops will do. This will absorb anything from a few drops to a dribble. It might take some trial and error to figure out which one works best for you. If you are experiencing heavy leaks or surges, try incontinence material with 5 drops and up. To prevent skin irritation, use incontinence material made from organic cotton. This is soft on your skin, comfortable and breathable.

Different activities and situations might call for different types of incontinence material. In this article we recommend which incontinence material to use in different situations.

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What are the benefits of organic cotton incontinence material?

Cotton is soft and breathable which decreases the chance of irritation around your vulva and vagina. Many incontinence material brands …

Can you use menstrual pads/sanitary pads for urine loss?

For the best protection against urine loss, it’s best to use incontinence material and not menstrual pads or liners. Menstrual …

When should you go to the doctor about urine loss?

If you don’t know the cause or treatment of the urine loss you’re experiencing, it’s important to see your doctor. …

What’s the difference between menstrual pads and incontinence material?

Incontinence material is made specifically to absorb urine which is thinner and comes out in larger quantities than menstrual blood. …

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