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16 organic cotton tampons

Your vagina is highly absorbent. Just like our tampons. That’s why we make them from organic cotton. No plastic. No secrets. What’s in the box is on the box.


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Are Yoni tampons different?

You use Yoni tampons like any other tampon. Only difference, Yoni tampons are made from organic cotton. No plastic. No added anything.

Why do we use organic cotton?

What are the benefits? You don’t need plastic for a great product. Choosing organic cotton tampons means you’re choosing a hypo-allergenic tampon, and that you’re making an environmentally friendly choice.

Which size do I need?

Compare the number of droplets of the tampons you use now and choose a Yoni product with the same amount of droplets. We advise to use the lowest number of droplets possible and to regularly change your tampon. This is better for your health.

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