We never expected to set up a tampon company

And now we can’t imagine doing anything else.

Mariah & Wendelien have been friends for over 16 years. They never expected to set up a tampon company but they found each other and the motivation to do so in Yoni’s story. They founded Yoni together in 2014 and beginning of 2015 they started sales.

Mariah Mansvelt Beck


Mariah is a storyteller pur sang. Whether giving a (TED) talk or creating creative Yoni campaigns. She’s all about breaking the taboo and sharing the story, inspiring women to make their own choices. 

Wendelien Hebly


Wendelien loves the challenge of a good puzzle whether it be with data, details or stories. Let her put together a business case, write a winning strategy or create a great presentation. Her focus always puts planet and people first.

Mariah Mansvelt Beck & Wendelien Hebly

Our team

Our small Yoni team has a lot of big ideas. Ideas about empowering women, how to make the world more sustainable and business in particular.

  • Ilse Vonk



    As Chief Operating Officer Ilse is all about providing the focus needed to turn our dreams into daily business. She’s an expert in scaling up businesses and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to social enterprises.

  • Ellen


    Office Operations

    Ellen is in charge of Yoni’s day to day business. She makes sure we get our products from A to B and back as sustainably as possible.

  • Christel


    Content Creator

    Christel is the master mind behind Yoni’s online content. She breaks the taboo time and time again and makes feminism and sustainability fun to read about.

  • Rosa Cherim


    Creative Intern

    Rosa is all about the visuals. She’s in her 3rd year at the Willem de Koning Academy and is spending half a year with Yoni.

Our partners

  • Jalt

    The Jalt team, Benthe, Mark and Sjoerd in particular help us share our story online. In their own organised and data driven way.

  • C.J. Hendriks

    C.J. Hendriks is a true family business. They help us get our products from A to B. They also work with Pantar, a social workplace. They help us for example by filling our samples.

  • W.Green

    We met Willa, the founder of W.Green at TEDx Amsterdam Women in 2013. Willa, Janice and the rest of her team help us to share our story, make sure we stay on track in terms of our art direction and are the master minds behind the Yoni Instagram. We love it. www.wgreen.org

  • PwC

    PwC and Patrick in particular help us with our accounting and any tax related questions we might have. They are also helping us to set up our integrated reporting.

  • Grrr

    Grrr is one of our most recent partners. They built this awesome website and help us keep on track online. Thanks Claudia, Josephine, Ramiro, Koen and Rolf! www.grrr.nl

  • Ine&Sanne

    The directors Ine & Sanne are two lovely creative ladies who have helped us visualize the female cycle in their own creative way. Check out the Cycle Story and Cycle Series. We love it. www.ineandsanne.com

YONI STILL 04_1 copy
Yoni | Cycle Series

Interested to work with Yoni?

Feel free to contact us at info@yoni.care with your proposal.